Your Mind Is A Magnent



Usually before someone takes my 60/40 workshop on finding and keeping your ideal partner I give them some sort of homework assignment. This particular class I wanted them to get familiar with the Law of Attraction. Here is what the young lady sent to me.



In “The Secret” I identified with the scene where the guy painted pictures of women with their backs turned to him but wondered why he was unlucky in love. When he started painting pictures of couples in love he found love.

I liked this scene because years ago, my aunt told me that I shouldn’t have pictures of single women in my bedroom. She quoted some Feng shui principles: “You should choose images that you want to see happening in your life. Unless you enjoy being sad and lonely, do not use sad and lonely images in your bedroom.” Of course I didn’t listen to her and purchased all of this beautiful black art of very single black women and hung them all throughout my bedroom.

Before starting 60/40, I took down all the paintings of single black women from out of my bedroom and moved a photo of a black couple that I had in my living room into my bedroom.

I started dating a guy who I really like and have a lot in common with. I went up to his apartment, sat down on his couch and above his television was a photo. It was the same photo that I had just moved into my bedroom.

Mouth wide open, I pointed to the photo and told him I have the same photo in my bedroom. He couldn’t believe it. We talked about the picture, where we got it from, how we knew no one else who had it except the two of us and what the photo meant to us.

The law of attraction is real.



I have countless stories like this sent to me on a weekly basis. There are several reasons why the law of attraction is one thing that could be holding you back from true love. There are several principles that could help you find and keep exactly what you want. Look for the next 60/40 workshop and get registered. Until then watch what you focus on.

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