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If you notice, my wife and I are leaning on separate palm trees. This is a strong metaphor for our love. We had our own thing going on when we were single, and we didn’t need one another to complete each other. While dating, it wasn’t hard to decide if we were right for each other long term. Although we had our own separate lives (trees) we paid close attention to make sure that our core values, needs and wants were close (trees are close).

Notice in the picture, her tree wasn’t far from mine. Most people only focus on how they feel, but never take the time to realize that their trees are miles apart. No wonder it seems like so much work to bridge the gap. My wife and I weren’t perfect, but the gap was very small. It was easy to work on learning those little things the other person loved or needed. Although our emotion was there early on, we were more than willing to let it go if we logically didn’t make sense for each other long-term. That is what dating is for; to decide if the distance between your palm trees is small enough to work on. If not, it’s best to find another tree. NO need to make a permanent decision based on a temporary emotion. There are plenty of trees out there.

Date On Purpose

Most people end up with their mate by accident. If you were the director of HR and you had to fill an executive position with your company you would require a resume, references from previous employers, bankruptcy reports, criminal records, health reports…etc. Who you spend the rest of your life with is a very important role, so why give someone that position unless you are sure they are qualified? Just because everyone around you has a ‘boo’ doesn’t mean that you need to rush. Most of them aren’t happy anyway. So there is no need to try to keep up with them. Anyone can find a mate but very few find their ideal spouse. Treo

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