Where Are All The Good Men?





I hear this question from my clients often.  I can almost hear the heartfelt doubt in their voice. I can feel their burning desire to finally find the man that will help transform their life. The mere statement in itself displays a subtle belief in scarcity.


The idea that there aren’t enough “good men” to go around seems to be an epidemic amongst our women.  I equate this mentality as being similar to trying to find a parking spot at the mall the day before Christmas. Most people will drive around the same lot 5 or 6 times looking for a place to park. As shoppers search for the perfect spot, I can see women wandering around the parking lot of life anxiously waiting to find any open spot to park their heart. With patience, one can usually find the perfect spot extremely close to the entrance; that entrance is called happiness. Think about it, how often do people get impatient and settle for the first open spot that is miles away from their ideal spot (or in this case, their ideal partner)?


Let me offer a solution to the challenge of finding the elusive “good man.” Before you can find what you seek, you must first believe one thing; finding a “good man” is possible! When I see a millionaire on T.V. or in a meeting I don’t think to myself,  “where is my chance to earn that type of income?” The one thing I do think is “thank you God for sending me another sign of what is possible for me.” With every successful person I encounter, I see it as another one of my excuses being stolen away from me.


Every test you encounter produces your testimony. These test also show a glimpse of what could be on it’s way if you truly believe. For instance, when clouds start to fill the bright sunny sky, we usually know rain is on its way. In this case, the rain symbolizes the love that is about to pour on your life. There is an awesome storm coming and no umbrella, hat, or coat that can stop the affection this storm (man) will bring into your future.


When I post a picture of my wife and I, it isn’t just because I think she is the most amazing thing I have ever seen. It is also to give you hope. It is a testimony meant to inspire you as if to say “if she can do it, so can I.” When you see another happily married couple, you should smile upon them. You should thank God for sending you another sign. When you see Michelle Obama, Angelina Jolie or Jada Pinkett Smith, do you think they were just lucky? Where are all the good men you ask? They are all around you. However, you will never see them if you have even the slightest doubt that they exist.


Have you ever cried because you were so happy? Have you ever felt so overwhelmed emotionally from joy? That is how you should feel when you think about the love that is on it’s way. That is when you know you truly believe. I once saw an invisible wife that would love me beyond words and just like magic (due to believing it would happen), she appeared. In my upcoming book I do my best to teach what it takes to find and keep your ideal love.  Now it’s time for your trick. It’s time for you to work your belief. Your belief and action is the magic. Good Luck!

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    That was a very nice read…thank you!

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