What’s Cooking In Your Love Life?


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I met my wife in 1999-2001 when we were in College. We were not romantically involved, but would see each other on campus often. I had no reason to believe that one day we would be married. It was almost like the master chef was preparing the greatest meal. Sometimes you have to let things marinate for a certain amount of time.

God didn’t bring us together then because He knew we wouldn’t have been right for each other at that time. So He stuck us back in the oven and turned up the heat. I wouldn’t see her for another 10 years. During that time we both went through enough hurt, frustration, doubt and pain in life to help us appreciate the great when we finally got it.

Sometimes the heat or pressure you feel in your love life is for a reason. By the time I met her again, we were both over prepared to build a lasting love. How often do we feel that we absolutely have to have a certain person, but discover later on that it wasn’t meant to be. You don’t have to force it when it’s right.

The Master chef knows when the perfect time is. Your job is to work on yourself and believe it will happen until it’s dinner time…..the time you really start winning BIG.

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