What Destination Do You Have In Your Love GPS?




We all have an idea of what we think love should be. Usually we get that idea from the things we have seen, heard and experienced. I love this short story from a young lady in our 60/40 workshop because it shows how sometimes we can discover our beliefs and challenge them if we choose to. What we believe shapes our life.


Her Words…

So I spent some time as of late dating. After doing some personal housecleaning and guided instruction pertaining to clarifying and defining what I want in a life partner/husband, I had an experience that blew my mind. I have been on an online dating site and met a man that I was attracted to both physically and character wise. After meeting him, I realized that the picture he had posted was an older photo. I was taken aback a little because he had gained some weight. I struggled mentioning my feelings about the difference and just continued to stay in touch with him. Because his physical appearance or body type was different than what I’m accustom to, I was wrestling with continuing to date him. My head was saying “No he’s not your type,” but my heart was very drawn to him. After weeks of praying and speaking to friends I finally decided that I would go seek counsel from my pastor. He had several questions and what he said to me was “Is there any other reservation you have pertaining to him other than the few extra pounds?” I responded by saying “No I think he’s wonderful we get along well and have similar faith, interests, goals, ideals and the like.” So he suggested that I get honest with him about my reservation/ hesitation. I did. I expressed to him my truth that I was taken aback upon meeting him but that I really like him. He told me that he had injured himself and was unable to work out but that he was conscious of it and was willing and wanting to work toward being more in shape. As soon as I had the conversation with him, there was a peace about it. It’s almost as if I was giving the issue so much power and made it more of a problem by avoiding discussing it. The way he responded to the conversation made me respect him more. He carries himself with such dignity and class. Prior to meeting him I had a height and body type requirement and it was rooted in my own insecurity. Personal development and prayer are amazing. Still walking it out, but now I’m feeling a sense of peace.

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