What Do You Expect?




Most of us expect to get up tomorrow. So much so that we plan vacations 5 months in advance. Think about it. We don’t have a doubt in our mind that we will be living by the time our travel day arrives. It just comes so natural; it’s like magic! Call it the “secret”, call it the law of “intention”, call it the law of “attraction”, or just call it “life”. What if you learned how to do the same thing with your relationships?  What if you could do that with you finances?  What if you could just expect to make more money or expect to find your soul-mate and it just happens.

Just like you expect to be alive to go to work tomorrow, you can expect and believe for better relationships in your life. Most people who do well expected to be where they are. When I was single, I knew I would find a woman who would treat me like a KING. It is very rare that this stuff happens by accident. The sad part is most people don’t realize this until it is too late. Then again what is too late? If you want to work on anything this year, work on expecting your goals to happen. Plan a party ahead of time celebrating the fact that your goals were achieved (even though it physically hasn’t happened yet). If you think that sounds silly, then you probably don’t expect to reach your goals; and therefore it probably won’t happen. I’m sorry but hey, there is always next year.

“If you study the great Muhammad Ali, you will realize he didn’t brag, boast and talk trash about what he would do because it was a cool thing to do. He understood one thing. The only way to win a fight, or overcome a challenge, is to see yourself raising your arms in victory long before the opening bell rings for round one.” Treo

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  1. Yasmine Young says:

    Claim it!!! Love this; will look at my goals this way from now on.

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