Think Your Way Out Of Your Current Situation



One of my clients had to spend a few days in the hospital. She mentioned to me that she was ready to leave, but had no idea how long they would keep her in the hospital. Below is what I shared with her and her response just a day later:



“I want you to take at least 30 minutes to close your eyes and really imagine walking out of the hospital tomorrow. In your mind, I want you to map out your entire day. Make it so real that you can feel the temperature of tomorrow. Call someone and set up an appointment that you would feel bad canceling.”



So that night I took your advice. You told me give it 30 minutes. Since I was lying in a hospital bed, I gave it all night! I checked the weather report to see what tomorrow’s weather would be like. Next, I just imagined my day. What I would wear? What time I would be in the house and settled to have our conference call? I imagined myself back at work that night teaching my class. It felt good to imagine myself doing those things. I knew I didn’t want to break my promise to you or disappoint you. More importantly, I knew I didn’t want to disappoint myself!


In the morning when I woke up, I followed my normal routine. Instead of leaving all my personal belongings on the counter in the bathroom (like I normally do), I packed them in my overnight bag. I told everyone that came in my room, “I’m ready to go Home!” When the dietary staff brought my breakfast, she also brought the menu for Thursday. I said, “No thank you sweetie, I’m going home TODAY and I will not need this menu.” Then I just got happy. As if I knew the discharge papers were already signed. It would only be a few hours before they were, but in the meantime, I didn’t stress, get angry or irritable. I just got happy, and now….I’m home!

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