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Joy Day is the founder of Prestigious Princesses, Inc. where she is able to live out her passion to empower young girls and their families to discover their highest esteem and full potential. Prior to leading such prestige organization she had the opportunity to work with Twenty-first Century Scholars for ten years where she worked in all sectors from Indianapolis Middle Schools, Higher Education, as well as our local government. She is an advocate of living a healthy happy life. It was no mistake that her name defines her purpose, as she believes everyone should live each day full of joy. Mrs. Day is a second year law student and when she is not studying she enjoys family time with her husband and two sons, reading, working out, photography, and being a bridge that inspires others to their destiny.

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Growing up my sister and I shared the same room. When my brother went off to college, I finally got my own room. However, I would still nestle up with my sister and slumber in her pretty pink and white room. My sister and I would talk for hours about how much I get on her nerves, boys, school, and even what our weddings would be like (as girls typically do). We had fun allowing our minds to escape into the future, exploring all the limitless possibilities of life. After many years of this, I had narrowed down my car, my career, and even my wedding date: 07/07/07.

Majority of those who knew me from 1995 have listened to me ramble about my wedding and how I will be married on July 07, 2007. Many thought I was joking or just crazy, but who could blame them. I wasn’t dating anyone serious. However, as life happened, it turned out that we all found ourselves gathered together on July 07, 2007 to share tears of joy for the union of David and Joy Day.


Life is already complicated and then love comes along and can complicate it even further. However, I strongly believe love is not as complicated as we think. When I stood at the altar with my hands in my husband’s brawny hands, saying “I Forever Do” a perfect ah ha moment happened to me. As this great moment was happening, I realized we have more power over our lives than we really think. We have the power to control our emotions, how we think and have the power to speak life into a situation and manifest what we want.


Everyone’s current life is ushered to them under the thoughts and visions that they allowed themselves to explore. When God created this universe with the most perfect calculations, giving everything and everyone purpose, he created man and woman under the same powerful energy (such as the sun, stars and moon). Everything and everyone has a certain vibration or energy force that sends out the perfect calculations that then retrieves our thoughts in reality form. This process is called The Art of Attraction. Every married couple says “I Do” because they heightened their energy frequency pattern for their “I Do” to exist.


Often times, we confuse the universe by not aligning our frequencies or actions with our thoughts. For me, it is highly important that I align my actions with my thoughts and vision. Our marriage and family goal is to live life happy and healthy. Therefore, I cannot have negative thoughts that send back confusion and dysfunction into our home. For a single person whose goal is to soon be married, they should not have high frequency actions of those who are single.




Most people never really learn how to use their past as a diving board to success. Instead their past turns into a road block preventing them from the life that they truly desire. What would you say to a woman who has been hurt so many times and wants love but feels that she may never find it because that is all she has experienced?




We all have and will have our share of hurt. It comes with the territory; however, how we respond to the hurt is key.  The most important thing isn’t necessarily what happens to us, the important thing is how we respond. We must keep our thoughts and actions aligned with our true expectations. No one wishes to be hurt; however, it happens.  We must raise our expectations knowing we are worth happy healthy relationships.

I remember Pastor Jeffrey A. Johnson Sr. preached a sermon about the animalistic characteristics of men, women, dogs, and deer. This sermon changed my thoughts forever for he explained that when a dog hunts for deer he only hunts for wounded deer. The dog can smell the blood of the wounded deer and preys on wounded deer. When I heard this an ah ha moment came to me. I realized the importance to stop speaking about men I knew as dogs. After doing this, I saw the striking potential and promise in the men around me. Those men also saw that striking potential in me as I began to heal myself. I dated my husband without his past standing before him and my past hurts standing behind me. We must realize we can never give life to the past. When we think about the past, we depress our present. Therefore, it enriches the soul to live in the present. Our healing lies on forgiving every man who has trespassed us (starting with our fathers if they were absent or present in the home but emotional detached). I have come to realize that wisdom is only healed pain.


I now teach people the power of understanding. A person needs to understand where they have been, where they are now, and how to use those two to create the future they desire. I so appreciate you sharing your story because people will find inspiration from our conversation.

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  1. Joy Day says:

    Thank you for extending an invitation to have such dialogue. After reading this I found myself again empowered by your works. Know you’ll be blessed for helping others to discover their highest honor, love.

  2. Miyokee says:

    “For a single person whose goal is to soon be married, they should not have high frequency actions of those who are single.”
    Taking this quote and ‘running with it’…lol
    Thank you Joy for your words!!!

  3. Jasmine says:

    I am currently working on aligning my actions with my affirmation statement, which includes my goals and plans for my present and future. This motivates me to continue to do so.

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