Here Today Gone Today

“Trevor I just realized I messed up.” These are words from a friend of mine who I recently spoke to. For the past few weeks I have been coaching/counseling her on success principles as they apply to effective dating and requirements for a great relationship. For some reason our session the other day hit her hard and she had an “ahh ha” moment. It is about 2 years since she dumped this guy she swore wasn’t right for her. At the time, I remember telling her that her thoughts were the cause of her problems. I urged her to hear me out but she felt she did not need to listen to my advice or “dating lecture” as she called it.

Recently, she finally allowed me to guide her through the dating process; something I have done successfully and helped over 2 dozen people do the same. I talked about a chapter in my book that touches on how we all make up stories that seem so real sometimes that we believe it. After about 30 minutes into the call she started to cry because at that moment she realized it wasn’t him, it was her all along. Unfortunately he has already moved on.

Hearing this the other day reminded me of something that happened to me. One day I was at my aunt’s house and she offered to give me some of her favorite flowers from her garden. So she went outside and cut a few Peonies. She told me that these flowers are so strong that if you put a few in any room it will smell as if you are burning several candles.

She also warned me that if I didn’t decide to take them at that time, I would have to wait until the following summer since they only grow in that 4 week period. As I sat in my car that day it hit me.  We all have peonies in our life.  It could be Mr. or Mrs. Right or an opportunity to earn more money. If a YEAR represented a LIFE TIME; there are somethings that we would have to wait another lifetime to take advantage of if we didn’t seize the moment while it was here.  The most important thing is to be ready to pick them.

My aunt made sure I took advantage of these lovely flowers so I wouldn’t have to wait another year to experience them. I realize some people may pass up their ideal spouse and may have to wait for another lifetime before they get an opportunity to find someone so special. So if you wonder why I’m so passionate about my book and everything I’m doing around it, just look through a few of my pictures and see my PEONY. I wish for you such a discovery.

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  1. Crystal says:

    All I can say is wow. The stories we make up in our head we start to believe they are true. What a piece if real intellect. Thank you for this post. And while I haven’t been able to start our sessions u an still learning . Thank u

  2. Miyokee says:

    I LOVE THIS! After a phone call with my mentor last week, I too realized that I had ‘scared away’ what could have been a great opportunity because of the mental and emotional space I had been in at the time that the opportunity presented itself. I realized at the moment that both of us were AMAZING apart but at the time NEITHER of us were READY to be amazing together.

    Applying this to my life right now and hoping to not miss out on any future opportunities that I would have to wait a lifetime for. Loved that message! =D

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