Forever My Lady

One day I was walking into the bank when I saw this older gentleman on his way out of the same door I was about to enter. He was taking his good ol’ time so I decided to walk back out and hold the door for him. He had his brown dress socks pulled all the way up and yes they still had the elastic in them. He had on a huge pair of glasses with a traditional “Old man Hat.” After he noticed that I was holding the door for him he politely smiled and said in a joking manner…”Thank you very much. I know I’m slow but hey I’m 95 years old.” He displayed a smile that was infectious. I was shocked. Not by his age, but by the fact that he was still taking care of his own affairs in the bank. He didn’t have a child taking care of his affairs; he was still truly independent. I responded with a big “WOW sir that’s great! God has blessed you.” He quickly came back with “And I’m still driving too” with a huge grin on his face. He told me to have a great day and I told him to have a better one. “I like that, I’m going to use that from now on” said the older gentleman. When I got in the bank I told the teller, “Wow that guy that just left the bank is 95 years old and is still taking care of everything himself and still driving.” She told me that he has a wife who is 93 and has Alzheimer’s. The bank teller continued to say, “She remembers so much but doesn’t remember him. They go out on dates every day usually to the same place and she remembers all of the employees, but not him.” I thought WOW. Just imagine how painful emotionally that could be for some people.  He said at home she usually just watches T.V. all day but doesn’t remember him. By this time I can see him pulling off slowly with his wife in the passenger seat. The most amazing part the bank teller told me next. “He said that they will be married 71 years this September and is so happy that she is still with him.” WOW! I am not a punk, but the wind must have been blowing hard in the bank because my eyes almost got moist. This just didn’t seem real.  He obviously loved her but his joy and love for her wasn’t dependent on how she felt about him. I’m not saying that is what love should be. But just think about it.  Find that one person whom you would love in sickness and in health or become so mentally tough that you find the blessing in any situation.

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