Focus On The Road!


While I was on my way to an event last week, I had an interesting incident take place on the highway. I was in the middle lane and I noticed there was a car approaching me on the right side. I didn’t think I needed to pay much attention to it as long as I stayed in my lane. That car was in a lane that would be ending in about another mile from where I was because it would eventually turn into an exit.

Maybe the driver didn’t realize that they were in an exit lane so they swiftly swerved into my lane as if I wasn’t even there. In fact, I not only swerved away but I held my hand on the horn just to let them know that I was there. The driver then frantically swerved back into their own lane and increased their speed until they were far enough away from me to join my lane.

Naturally, I just had to see who was this irresponsible driver sitting behind the wheel of such a beautiful car. So I safely accelerated just so I could get close enough to them. As I began to catch up to their car, I started looking to my right just so I could catch a glimpse of them. Once my speed was even with theirs, I looked inside the car and noticed it was a woman on her phone. I could feel the frustration building because this woman almost caused an accident with her reckless driving.

Feeling satisfied with the information I just gathered about the driver, I decided to refocus my energy back onto the road ahead. When I looked forward I nearly lost my mind. I was now heading straight for her car even though she was in another lane. So in the middle of the highway, I had to swerve just to avoid crashing into that “Irresponsible driver.” What just happened? Was this Karma? I just got mad at her for almost crashing into me and here I was doing the exact same thing no more than 35 seconds later.

The bold lesson that stood out to me was “you will always move in the direction of your focus.” Some people are so fed up with their spouse because of things that have consistently happened in the past. Some of us are so focused on what we don’t want that we never realize that is exactly what we are putting into our mental search engine. If a woman thinks all men are cheaters, there is a part of her brain that will actually move her energy in the direction that will support that thought.She will wonder why she keeps attracting the same type of guy and part of the reason would be because that is what she is focused on.

I was so obsessed with seeing who was in the car that I was actually getting closer to hitting that car. Keep in mind even though I didn’t want to hit the car, I was merely getting what I focused on. ┬áHere is a simple solution that I will spend more time covering in my upcoming book. It is okay to spend a little energy to learn what you don’t want because sometimes that makes knowing what you do want so much easier.

Once you identify what you don’t want, don’t spend any time or energy thinking about or focusing on it. Instead put all of your attention on the road ahead. Focus entirely on what you do want.


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  1. Gio says:

    I must say this short has me viewing several moments in my life in another way….I will be Focusing on the Road. ..Great Read.Gifted

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