Exploring Your History To Create Your Future

2012-09-30_17-41-18_559    Recently I was having lunch with my father at one of my favorite restaurants. Somewhere in the conversation I started to tell him about something I was thinking of adding to my book but I had no idea my thoughts would change mid conversation. I always knew that whenever I eat a loaf of bread at home I always skip the first piece which is also one of the end pieces. As a child I would wait until both the top and bottom pieces where the last two pieces and I had no choice but to eat them. Here I am now at 32 and married I started to notice that my wife would actually eat the first piece or end piece first. In other words she was more than happy to eat every piece in the loaf equally. I was probably about to create an analogy on how you can find someone that fits your life right where it is. This would be a great reason to grow as a person in order to increase your chances of finding a like mind.

When I started to tell him where I was going to go with that thought he promptly interrupted me. He said eagerly “Well I do that too however I like to save the end pieces.” He proceeded to tell me how the only reason he skips the top piece and eats it with the last piece is because he thought those two fit together perfectly and made great sandwiches. And that is when it hit me. Here is another example of how most of of believe things and have no idea why we believe them. Sometimes we have no idea where we even got them from. Here I am all these years skipping the first piece of bread and not really ever having a reason too. I honestly used the excuse of not liking them but actually making a sandwich out of the two ends sounds like a great idea. I never really asked myself why I skipped to the second slice.  I had no idea that my father saved the ends on purpose. Here is the even bigger shocker. I had no idea my father skipped the ends at all. WOW.

This is just an example of how our habits can shape our lives without our conscious approval. Sometimes we model people without knowing it and who has a bigger effect on you than the people you spent your whole life around. Let’s not even talk about how television has shaped a great deal of our future already. It is a good idea to look back and challenge some of your old beliefs in order to create new ones. This type of conversation will help you to answer these crucial questions. What is my love story or expectation? Where did I get it from? What do I want my love story to be? How do I get there?

Of course I still can’t remember the original thought but my father took me in a bigger more dynamic direction. When I say I’m writing a book. Understand I’m writing more than that. I hope to inspire you to achieve everything you desire.


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