Elusive Love?

GC  My name is L’Oreal, I live in Atlanta by way of Chicago, IL. I have always had a passion for music, poetry, reading and fine places and things. I recently started writing my own love poems again. I love to travel and currently work for a company that requires a lot of travel. I love talking to people and gaining their perspectives on the topic of genuine, kindred love. My mission is to invoke the spirit of love! My purpose is to help inspire! So here I go…


Elusive Love? Who has heard of it before? I have. Sometimes I think I created Elusive Love. I’ve created the epitome of the phrase. I am the maker of the feelings that accompany it. Ha! But wait, what happens when you understand love and the essentials needed to create a union of unconditional love? I believe God (for without His spirit nothing is possible), kindness, respect, understanding, being forgiving and being able to forgive yourself are crucial building blocks for creating a union of Love. Additionally, being on the same page spiritually, emotionally, mentally, physically and learning to sacrifice/compromise are also very important.


Here I am. I’m ready and willing to share all of those building blocks with someone special. Unfortunately, love always seems to escape me repeatedly.


So I’ve started to question myself, other men and their motives. Is it me? Why do I keep repeating the same cycle? What is God trying to show me? How do I avoid this in the future? I also blame my inability to find love on the men. I say, “Well he wasn’t strong enough. Or he wasn’t emotionally stable anyway. Or he will miss me when he realizes how much of good woman I was”. The cycle perpetuates. I get tired of thinking and trying to figure out why love vanishes as soon as I believe I’ve found the one. It’s never ending, it’s mentally exhausting and sometimes I feel hopeless. Eventually I wake up, remember God and I feel optimistic. In that moment I’m ready to love with all I have and give it another try. I meet a guy, we talk, vibe with one another, sync our energies and enjoy each other and just like that he’s gone or he’s emotionally cut off, or he has issues that he can’t get over or he has never had a relationship with his mother so he doesn’t know how to treat or talk to women. The list continues and so does the cycle and now I’m back to feeling hopeless and like an oxymoron. Every time the cycle starts, there is a little hollow hole in my heart that gets about 1/2 of an inch deeper. As a result, I give up on love once again



What if I told you that YOU create Elusive Love? Would you feel like you have the power to change that? Many men and women find themselves in the same shoes. We will always repeat cycles if we don’t do something to break that pattern. We are all creatures of habit, but our habits are so much deeper than what we do. Smoking a cigarette or eating chocolate represent more than just “something we do”. Sometimes we are victims of our habits and thoughts. Scientist engaged in very sophisticated studies regarding our brains and how they are linked to our thoughts and habits. It is possible that because you expect the cycle to continue, you never really do anything drastically different to change it? We rarely take real action on something we think we can’t change. It is also hard to go after a tedious goal if we don’t have a strong enough reason “Why.” So I ask you, why do you want to find love, true love?



If you told me that I did create Elusive Love, I would feel as if I didn’t have the power to change it because I don’t think I created it. I feel as if I am doing things the right way, but something is different because I am the common denominator in all of my intimate relationships.  I want to find true love because I want to make someone happy. I want to help encourage someone to be greater than what they are & live the fairytale.  My only hope would be that they learned something from me and show another person what true love feels like. I want to share love. I want it to be reciprocated. If I could do one thing in this world to make it better, I would love truly with all my heart because I figure that nothing but greatness can come from it. I want to be happy. I want to feel like I can be an inspiration and a sense of serenity for my significant other. I want to be with someone who respects me and loves me for all that I am, all that I possess and vice versa. These things feel good and to share them with a significant other I think is amazing.



One thing is for sure, We all have a love blueprint and it determines how we approach fulfilling it. Your hands on approach to getting what you want and deserve will yield great results. Often we get what we focus on and you are clearly focused on finding the answers. Continue searching.  I salute you.

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