Documentation Beats Conversation

blog picI stay ready with a camera because a good friend of mine said “Documentation beats conversation.” I can show you better than I can tell you….

I remember taking a picture of this coconut tree in Barbados years ago and thought “that’s beautiful, it’s so different so unique.”

Never once did I say “Why doesn’t it look like the other trees next to it.” Even today when I see a palm tree slightly bent I think of the palm tree back in Sandy Lane Barbados.

Now some of you may see it and say “what an eye sore, they should chop it down.” There would be nothing wrong with their opinion of it; or their opinion of you. What matters is your opinion about you.

I know society has a way of making you feel like there is only one way to look; through Television, Movies, Music, Magazines etc. You are fine the way God made you. There is someone who is going to love you just the way you are and your insecurities will be destroyed. But don’t rely on someone else to make you confident. It will be much  easier to find and love that person if you can get rid of those insecurities NOW.

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