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Exploring Your History To Create Your Future

    Recently I was having lunch with my father at one of my favorite restaurants. Somewhere in the conversation I started to tell him about something I was thinking of adding to my book but I had no idea my thoughts would change mid conversation. I always knew that whenever I eat a loaf of bread at home I always skip the first piece which is also one of the end pieces. As a child I would wait until […]

Elusive Love?

  My name is L’Oreal, I live in Atlanta by way of Chicago, IL. I have always had a passion for music, poetry, reading and fine places and things. I recently started writing my own love poems again. I love to travel and currently work for a company that requires a lot of travel. I love talking to people and gaining their perspectives on the topic of genuine, kindred love. My mission is to invoke the spirit of love! My purpose is […]


 Miyokee Lovell is a woman of dynamic talents (model, actor, singer, dancer, make-up artist, visionary, writer and business woman.) She is a Masters Degree Candidate of Public Administration at Seton Hall University and serves as the Program Director for the Global Leadership and Career Mentorship Development Program. Miyokee is in the process of launching her own initiative entitled, Know Your Worth ( The goal of Know Your Worth, is to be able to reach and teach young women their own […]

Why Are Men Afraid Of Love?

   I am a writer, poet, and blogger. I have had a love affair with writing for 28 years and we are still going strong. Since August 2009 I have been writing a relationship blog Loverzquarrel’s Blog and more recently I launched an online self-help magazine entitled Cultivation of You (COY) . I pride myself on sharing various experiences to help someone else. I anticipate that you can learn from my mistakes and take away a bit of wisdom from my growth […]

There Is A Leak In Your Boat

    In the Success book “Think and Grow Rich” there is a section titled “The 31 Major Causes of Failure”. Within those causes, the number 15 cause of failure is “Wrong Selection of a Mate in Marriage”. An excerpt from the book states: “This is a most common cause of failure. The relationship of marriage brings people intimately into contact. Unless this relationship is harmonious, failure is likely to follow. Moreover, it will be a form of failure that is marked […]

In Regard To Love With The Powerful Jamie Owens

“Uplifting, Empowering, & Encouraging others to reach their full potential.” This is Jamie Owens’ mission. Jamie is a speaker, motivator, encourager, blogger, and an aspiring life coach. She doesn’t purport to know it all; however she is striving to fulfill her purpose which is to help affirm others of their worth; that they are good enough and to help them reach their full potential. You can visit her blog at   Love; a word we often misuse. A word we […]

Ignoring The Signs With Author Terri Johnson

“You never know what you will be doing before the day is over!” is a statement Terri Johnson lives by.  Terri is the author of the Daily seed which offers encouragement and motivation for individuals during the different seasons of life.  She offers humorous and sound wisdom in hopes of sowing a seed that will bring forth a harvest that will change lives. You can find more info about the Daily seed @     Ignoring the signs Leave! “He […]

What Do You Expect?

    Most of us expect to get up tomorrow. So much so that we plan vacations 5 months in advance. Think about it. We don’t have a doubt in our mind that we will be living by the time our travel day arrives. It just comes so natural; it’s like magic! Call it the “secret”, call it the law of “intention”, call it the law of “attraction”, or just call it “life”. What if you learned how to do […]

No One Will Love You Like You

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No one will love you like you. I was in a severe car accident when I was 5 years old that left me with a life time scar on the left side of my head. Growing up I was REALLY insecure about it because it didn’t allow me to grow hair in the spot. As a result, I could never have the perfect hair cut. I was jealous of some guys who had the perfect hairline. My father said “If […]