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Thinking of Wetting Your Toes or Diving in the Online Dating Pool

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    Thinking of Wetting Your Toes or Diving in the Online Dating Pool (Written by Jasmine Davis: Clinical Psychology Doctoral Student and educator of Human Sexuality.) I love to talk about all things love, relationship, and dating related and some things sex related. In the age of technology, online dating is a part of that conversation.  If you haven’t tried online dating for yourself like 41 million other people in the U.S. have according to the website Statistic Brain and […]

A Letter To Cookie Lyon Part 1

    Hello Cookie. I know you have been held down by your family. I know you have been held down by your job. I know you have been held down by life for so long that your epic dream of finding your Lucius  Lyon has become more like a passive after thought.   Not the Lucius who is about to take his company public and can’t decide which woman he wants to  spend the rest of his life with. […]

The Quick Sand Of Love

  Tiffany recently came to me requesting my assistance in navigating through her perceived difficult love life. Her and her boyfriend recently made it official just a few short days ago and she was a little worried that this situation would turnout just like all the others in her past. Far too many people make permanent decisions based on temporary emotions and Tiffany knew this very well since reading the book “Never Settle: The Essential Guide to Finding and Keeping […]

What’s Cooking In Your Love Life?

    I met my wife in 1999-2001 when we were in College. We were not romantically involved, but would see each other on campus often. I had no reason to believe that one day we would be married. It was almost like the master chef was preparing the greatest meal. Sometimes you have to let things marinate for a certain amount of time. God didn’t bring us together then because He knew we wouldn’t have been right for each other at that time. […]

UnTrustworthy Love

  I was coaching a woman in her mid-30’s who told a white lie early on in her last “situationship” and got caught. Since then, an underlying theme in that relationship became that she was untrustworthy; at least in his mind.  Once that relationship was completed, she carried that DRD (dating related disease) with her. We sometimes allow the past to be the pesky condition that restrains us from living unafraid. All that really happened was he said she was untrustworthy. It really didn’t […]

Focus On The Road!

While I was on my way to an event last week, I had an interesting incident take place on the highway. I was in the middle lane and I noticed there was a car approaching me on the right side. I didn’t think I needed to pay much attention to it as long as I stayed in my lane. That car was in a lane that would be ending in about another mile from where I was because it would […]

Association Is Everything

TREO It’s okay to be a copy cat as long as you copy the right cat. A young lady sent me this email after she took the 60/40 workshop. It shows the importance of being around people that can have a positive influence on your life. You will start to become like the people you are around. I take pride in being someone that can have a positive affect on someone’s life.   HER Hi Trevor! I hope all is […]

Your Mind Is A Magnent

Treo Usually before someone takes my 60/40 workshop on finding and keeping your ideal partner I give them some sort of homework assignment. This particular class I wanted them to get familiar with the Law of Attraction. Here is what the young lady sent to me.   Her In “The Secret” I identified with the scene where the guy painted pictures of women with their backs turned to him but wondered why he was unlucky in love. When he started […]

War Of Words…How We Often Misinterpret Love

Today I ran into a guy that I usually see 2-3 times a week. Sometimes we speak briefly but usually it’s a quick hello. Well today as I’m walking to my destination, he flagged me down and caught up to me. He said “Now I don’t want to get all in your business but a few of us here agree that there is job opening for a new James Bond 007 and we think you and your wife should apply for the […]

Love Is What You Think It Should Be…

Joy Day is the founder of Prestigious Princesses, Inc. where she is able to live out her passion to empower young girls and their families to discover their highest esteem and full potential. Prior to leading such prestige organization she had the opportunity to work with Twenty-first Century Scholars for ten years where she worked in all sectors from Indianapolis Middle Schools, Higher Education, as well as our local government. She is an advocate of living a healthy happy life. […]