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Anyone can find a partner, but very few find their ideal partner. If they do find someone, most people rely on just chemistry to make it last forever. Through personal experience, I realized it takes so much more than chemistry and feeling “butterflies”. What happens when those “butterfly feelings” fly away?

When my last relationship ended, I made a commitment to myself to become the best “Me” possible. I said “let me work hard on understanding love and what it is I need to do so that I (and those whom I care for) never have to go back to where I was.” You are fooling yourself if you think things like Money and Love will magically work out. Those are two things for sure that require a little more than good fortune.

While studying, I discovered it is a lack of knowledge that prevents people from being successful in love, not a lack of feeling. People need a blueprint on how to be successful in Love. Within my book, I provide the blueprint.

“Never Settle” Is my first book and was a labor of love. After working with various married and divorce couples, counselors and spending hours studying personal development books and workshops, I compiled all of those experiences into one book. Those experiences and self-discoveries saved my life and have led me to find and maintain a healthy and loving marriage of my own. I discovered my ultimate purpose, and that is to share with others how they too can create success in finding love and maintaining healthy relationships.

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After successfully helping several couples walk down the aisle, dozens of singles find love and countless others leave unfulfilled relationships to find their ideal partner, Trevor shares his tools for success in his new book NEVER SETTLE.


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