Who Is Writing Your Love Story?

  Jasmine is a Clinical Psychology Doctoral Student and educator of Human Sexuality. She finds that helping people with serious problems daily is rewarding, but the very interesting and sometimes comical problems come from love, sex, and relationships. She gives her take on all three. It’s not therapy, but its therapeutic, and you can even sit on your own couch.   Love story Once upon a time. Happily Ever After. Most people are familiar with these phrases. For those who are not […]

Finding Your Balance By Falling

  A few weeks ago I decided to go out in the snow storm to clean off my wife’s and my car. That is when it happened. I stepped on a large patch of ice. It happened so quickly that I didn’t even have time to think. One thing was for sure, there was no one around to see my potentially catastrophic event. How often do people try to play something off and they end up making their fall ten […]

Where Are All The Good Men?

      I hear this question from my clients often.  I can almost hear the heartfelt doubt in their voice. I can feel their burning desire to finally find the man that will help transform their life. The mere statement in itself displays a subtle belief in scarcity.   The idea that there aren’t enough “good men” to go around seems to be an epidemic amongst our women.  I equate this mentality as being similar to trying to find […]

Should Your ‘Ex’ Be Excommunicated?

  TREO In regards to being friends with your EX, it depends on the person. There isn’t always a cookie cutter approach to love. This boot camp was designed to provide you with the proper tools so you can make the best decision for you. With that said, some people can be friends with an EX (even when they are in a new relationship) and everything is fine. However, don’t think for a second that something is wrong if someone doesn’t want […]

Association Is Everything

TREO It’s okay to be a copy cat as long as you copy the right cat. A young lady sent me this email after she took the 60/40 workshop. It shows the importance of being around people that can have a positive influence on your life. You will start to become like the people you are around. I take pride in being someone that can have a positive affect on someone’s life.   HER Hi Trevor! I hope all is […]

Your Mind Is A Magnent

Treo Usually before someone takes my 60/40 workshop on finding and keeping your ideal partner I give them some sort of homework assignment. This particular class I wanted them to get familiar with the Law of Attraction. Here is what the young lady sent to me.   Her In “The Secret” I identified with the scene where the guy painted pictures of women with their backs turned to him but wondered why he was unlucky in love. When he started […]

War Of Words…How We Often Misinterpret Love

Today I ran into a guy that I usually see 2-3 times a week. Sometimes we speak briefly but usually it’s a quick hello. Well today as I’m walking to my destination, he flagged me down and caught up to me. He said “Now I don’t want to get all in your business but a few of us here agree that there is job opening for a new James Bond 007 and we think you and your wife should apply for the […]

Love Is What You Think It Should Be…

Joy Day is the founder of Prestigious Princesses, Inc. where she is able to live out her passion to empower young girls and their families to discover their highest esteem and full potential. Prior to leading such prestige organization she had the opportunity to work with Twenty-first Century Scholars for ten years where she worked in all sectors from Indianapolis Middle Schools, Higher Education, as well as our local government. She is an advocate of living a healthy happy life. […]

Exploring Your History To Create Your Future

    Recently I was having lunch with my father at one of my favorite restaurants. Somewhere in the conversation I started to tell him about something I was thinking of adding to my book but I had no idea my thoughts would change mid conversation. I always knew that whenever I eat a loaf of bread at home I always skip the first piece which is also one of the end pieces. As a child I would wait until […]

Elusive Love?

  My name is L’Oreal, I live in Atlanta by way of Chicago, IL. I have always had a passion for music, poetry, reading and fine places and things. I recently started writing my own love poems again. I love to travel and currently work for a company that requires a lot of travel. I love talking to people and gaining their perspectives on the topic of genuine, kindred love. My mission is to invoke the spirit of love! My purpose is […]