Association Is Everything



It’s okay to be a copy cat as long as you copy the right cat. A young lady sent me this email after she took the 60/40 workshop. It shows the importance of being around people that can have a positive influence on your life. You will start to become like the people you are around. I take pride in being someone that can have a positive affect on someone’s life.



Hi Trevor! I hope all is well. I just want to thank you for teaching me so much. I must admit though, the past few weeks have been quite challenging. Although I have learned how to meet/ find a man and is still learning the fundamentals to creating and keeping relationships, being exposed to a new way of thinking definitely has made me question myself. This workshop did more than I ever expected. It raised questions about things I didn’t realize still impacted my life.

It’s affected me so much that I’ve been crying without having a clear reason as to why I was so emotional. For example, I blew up on my best Friend over nothing, but we spoke about it. Lastly, my coworkers literally held a meeting just for me; an intervention from myself. They all said they can see the difference.

When they approached me, I broke down and cried like a baby. I cried because I’ve NEVER had anyone actually care about me or show it enough to take me aside to ask me “are you ok?” I cried because they’re right. I have so much going on from my past and now I don’t even know which emotion or thoughts to grab onto first. I cried because for once in my life, I could actually be weak in front of someone. Most people know me as a tough and aggressive individual, so exposing this new emotion to others was a breakthrough for me. While exposing this new emotion, I admitted that “I need a release, I want out, I feel stuck.” After sharing my emotions in detail, my coworkers and my best friend suggested that I should talk to someone or maybe write things down to help let it go.

I want to thank you and tell you that you might have started something. I wanted to learn how to find a man, but I found out that I’m a little lost. You’re questions, suggestions and lessons sparked a whole other venture. I got more than I bargained for; more than I could ever expect. Although I’ve been sad, upset and crying, the thought and belief that I’m on my way to a new life makes me feel better.

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