A Letter To Cookie Lyon Part 1




Hello Cookie. I know you have been held down by your family. I know you have been held down by your job. I know you have been held down by life for so long that your epic dream of finding your Lucius  Lyon has become more like a passive after thought.


Not the Lucius who is about to take his company public and can’t decide which woman he wants to  spend the rest of his life with. I’m talking about the other Lucius from an alternate reality. That Lucius is clear that a large part of why he was placed on this earth was to protect you for the rest of your life.


Now that may sound like an easy task, but there has been much damage to your spirit. The time you did in the emotional penitentiary could destroy many women, but not you. You’re Cookie baby. She doesn’t fold easily. Never have. Never will. You deserve to leave whatever heart break you experienced.


You should be able to walk through the gates of that emotional prison to a man you has an emotional and spiritual Empire where the strength of your love makes you wealthy. Especially when your company (love life) finally goes public and you walk down that aisle.


Now that you have seen where you are headed, let me take you back to the beginning and show you how you can get there. You can start with the book Never Settle. Ask someone who has read it and they will tell you that you will gain something of value by reading it. Check back for part 2.


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