Monthly Archives: August 2014

Focus On The Road!

While I was on my way to an event last week, I had an interesting incident take place on the highway. I was in the middle lane and I noticed there was a car approaching me on the right side. I didn’t think I needed to pay much attention to it as long as I stayed in my lane. That car was in a lane that would be ending in about another mile from where I was because it would […]

What’s Gotten Into You?

¬†¬† I recently had a a personal session with a young lady participating in my 6 week workshop. I challenged her to start identifying the things that have influenced her love life. Often times people don’t realize that their focus is on something that doesn’t serve them in any way. In most cases people don’t even know this never mind work on changing it.¬†Television, Movies, music, social media and a list of other things constantly fight for mental real estate […]