Monthly Archives: January 2014

Finding Your Balance By Falling

  A few weeks ago I decided to go out in the snow storm to clean off my wife’s and my car. That is when it happened. I stepped on a large patch of ice. It happened so quickly that I didn’t even have time to think. One thing was for sure, there was no one around to see my potentially catastrophic event. How often do people try to play something off and they end up making their fall ten […]

Where Are All The Good Men?

      I hear this question from my clients often.  I can almost hear the heartfelt doubt in their voice. I can feel their burning desire to finally find the man that will help transform their life. The mere statement in itself displays a subtle belief in scarcity.   The idea that there aren’t enough “good men” to go around seems to be an epidemic amongst our women.  I equate this mentality as being similar to trying to find […]

Should Your ‘Ex’ Be Excommunicated?

  TREO In regards to being friends with your EX, it depends on the person. There isn’t always a cookie cutter approach to love. This boot camp was designed to provide you with the proper tools so you can make the best decision for you. With that said, some people can be friends with an EX (even when they are in a new relationship) and everything is fine. However, don’t think for a second that something is wrong if someone doesn’t want […]

Association Is Everything

TREO It’s okay to be a copy cat as long as you copy the right cat. A young lady sent me this email after she took the 60/40 workshop. It shows the importance of being around people that can have a positive influence on your life. You will start to become like the people you are around. I take pride in being someone that can have a positive affect on someone’s life.   HER Hi Trevor! I hope all is […]