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Love Is What You Think It Should Be…

Joy Day is the founder of Prestigious Princesses, Inc. where she is able to live out her passion to empower young girls and their families to discover their highest esteem and full potential. Prior to leading such prestige organization she had the opportunity to work with Twenty-first Century Scholars for ten years where she worked in all sectors from Indianapolis Middle Schools, Higher Education, as well as our local government. She is an advocate of living a healthy happy life. […]

Exploring Your History To Create Your Future

    Recently I was having lunch with my father at one of my favorite restaurants. Somewhere in the conversation I started to tell him about something I was thinking of adding to my book but I had no idea my thoughts would change mid conversation. I always knew that whenever I eat a loaf of bread at home I always skip the first piece which is also one of the end pieces. As a child I would wait until […]

Elusive Love?

  My name is L’Oreal, I live in Atlanta by way of Chicago, IL. I have always had a passion for music, poetry, reading and fine places and things. I recently started writing my own love poems again. I love to travel and currently work for a company that requires a lot of travel. I love talking to people and gaining their perspectives on the topic of genuine, kindred love. My mission is to invoke the spirit of love! My purpose is […]