Monthly Archives: August 2013

Documentation Beats Conversation

I stay ready with a camera because a good friend of mine said “Documentation beats conversation.” I can show you better than I can tell you…. I remember taking a picture of this coconut tree in Barbados years ago and thought “that’s beautiful, it’s so different so unique.” Never once did I say “Why doesn’t it look like the other trees next to it.” Even today when I see a palm tree slightly bent I think of the palm tree back […]

Love is a Battlefield

 Pick your battles. Some people simply have not found their ideal spouse because they constantly go after the people who are not that into them. Just because you had great sex doesn’t mean they care for you like you care for them. Choose people that naturally respond to you the way you feel your future husband or wife would. That is of course assuming that you want your potential partner to reciprocate the love you are giving them. If they don’t […]

Forever My Lady

One day I was walking into the bank when I saw this older gentleman on his way out of the same door I was about to enter. He was taking his good ol’ time so I decided to walk back out and hold the door for him. He had his brown dress socks pulled all the way up and yes they still had the elastic in them. He had on a huge pair of glasses with a traditional “Old man […]

Here Today Gone Today

“Trevor I just realized I messed up.” These are words from a friend of mine who I recently spoke to. For the past few weeks I have been coaching/counseling her on success principles as they apply to effective dating and requirements for a great relationship. For some reason our session the other day hit her hard and she had an “ahh ha” moment. It is about 2 years since she dumped this guy she swore wasn’t right for her. At the time, […]